Another Goal for 2010? Maybe…

As I stated in this entry I have set a goal of snagging a Target Field ball (at least one) when the Twins come to town in August.

Since it’s the All Star break and I have nothing else to do but think of the next game I’m going to, I’ve come up with another goal.

After reading many blogs over the past couple years of ballhawks that snag commemorative balls at the weirdest moments (like snagging a World Series ball the next season at a BP of a team that wasn’t even in the Series the prior season), I began to think of the All Star game ball.






















The A.S. game is being held in Anaheim, who’s in the same division as the Rangers. What are the chances that some of those A.S. balls will find their way into the Angels’ batting practice bags/buckets?

It’s possible right? It has to be possible.

So there you have it. My goal is to be at the first game when the Angels come to town next week. They will be in for a four game set from Thursday 7/22 until Sunday 7/25 and I will be at the Thursday tilt with the sole purpose of potentially snagging an All Star game ball.



  1. gmoney91

    Good luck with getting a commemorative one.

    Got our tickets and I’ll be at games on Sunday 7/25 and Tuesday 7/27. May run into you there sometimes during the games. Man I’m ready for some Rangers baseball!

  2. Txbaseballfan

    Well, it wasn’t meant to be but it was a good thought anyways I guess. Oh well, on to the Target Field ball!

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