7/22/10 vs. Anaheim

This entry is going to be relatively short and sweet because I didn’t take very many photos this time, and the photos I did take are all player photos.

My friend Dirk and I had very high hopes for this game, being the first home game for the Rangers after the All Star break, our first game to attend in nearly two weeks, and the outside shot at an All Star game ball (like I mentioned in my previous entry). All of these things combined made for a higher than usual level of anticipation.

When we reached the stands at around 4:30 we noticed that the cage was up for batting practice but the Rangers weren’t hitting. No big deal really, it’s kind of hit and miss for them to have BP anyway. By the time it reached 5:15 there were still no players on the field. For either team. To make matters worse, someone had set an empty bucket out in centerfield for the ball return.

This is when Dirk and I got very antsy.

Finally at 5:25 or so the Angels came out to throw and stretch so I went over behind their dugout not thinking they would hit. While I was there I took some photos.

Here’s the best one I could get of Bobby Abreu….

7_22_10 005.jpg
















…. and here’s a couple of Hideki Matsui….

7_22_10 008.jpg
7_22_10 009.jpg









…. and how about Torii Hunter ….

7_22_10 011.jpg
7_22_10 012.jpg









…. and speaking of Hunter, he would go on to hit me my one and only ball during batting practice that just happened to be my very first home run to catch on the fly! That may not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but after a couple years of snagging balls and reading about other guys catching multiple homers during BP, I have really been trying for one of my own. Man what a feeling!

So, I guess you can tell by now that the Angels did in fact start to hit. The bleachers that we normally set up in got reasonably crowded today so I knew that my range was going to be limited. Within the first 5 minutes or so a ball landed in the gap about two sections to our left and Dirk was all over it for his one and only ball of the game.

The Hunter homer was actually pretty cool, to me anyway, because I’ve read numerous times of balls being hit “straight to someone”. Well that’s never happened to me, at least not until today. Dirk was to my right and we were both in the first row of the left centerfield bleachers right next to the bullpen. Hunter hit one that started out towards the bullpen but quickly started to tail in our direction, actually towards me. I just wasn’t sure about the distance, but I prepared anyway. I leaned over the belt-high railing a little to make sure I could reach it and I noticed Dirk’s glove slowly coming into my view.

Let me back up a little….

Dirk is fully aware of my need to catch a homer on the fly. He has told me numerous times that he would back off to let me catch one and I have taken his word on it.

Okay, back to the story….

Once I noticed Dirk’s glove getting closer and closer I had to give the old “I got it!’, and once I did he pulled his glove back and within seconds “Smack!”. I had it.

Finally! What a cool feeling!

I have to say that it’s just as I hoped it would be.

After high-fiving Dirk he admitted that he had gotten caught up in the moment in trying to catch it himself and if I hadn’t said anything he may have fought me for it. Now that I got my first one out of the way I can tell I’m on my own from here on out.

Our seats for this game were in section 50 row 1. For those of you that may not know where that is, it’s directly between the hill in centerfield and the Rangers’ bullpen in right-center.

Here’s an idea of where they were….

















…. under the red arrow (don’t forget that you can click on the photos to enlarge them).

These seats gave us a great view to watch our starting pitcher warm up….

7_22_10 013.jpg
















7_22_10 018.jpg
















7_22_10 014.jpg
















7_22_10 017.jpg
















…. Mr. Cliff Lee.

What a stud! This was our first time to see him pitch in person and he did not disappoint. He went 8-1/3 innings, striking out 4, giving up 2 runs (both earned), and walking none.

Not only was this our first time to see Lee pitch in person, but it was also Lee’s first win as a Ranger so that was pretty cool too.

What an electric atmosphere at the ballpark this game. I don’t know if it was Lee, the fact that the Rangers hadn’t played at home in over two weeks when they were swept in four games by Baltimore (Baltimore?!), or both but it was great. Especially when Neftali Feliz came in to get the final two outs of the game and also record his 27th save of the season. I truly hope the Rangers win the division and make the playoffs. Man that would be awesome!

Speaking of Feliz, here he is earlier in the game sitting in the bullpen….

7_22_10 020.jpg
















…. on this end of the bullpen.

The Rangers would go on to win 3-2. Michael Young hit another home run.

The closest we would come to a ball this game was around the 4th inning when Nelson Cruz hit a double off the wall directly below me, and Angels’ centerfielder Torii Hunter threw a 3rd out ball about 10 feet to our right. That was it.

But we had a great time.

Time of Game: 2 hrs. 44mins.

Attendance: 39,876

Next Game: Wed. 7/28 vs. Oakland



  1. cookandsonbats

    Brian, that is totally awesome that you “called” the ball! Awesome! I play softball and I have a habit of excessively loudly calling any ball that comes to LF, even if there is no chance that any other fielder could possibly catch it. But calling the ball in the bleachers!? Sweet! Good job 😉
    And, nice shots of Cliff Lee. Yeah, you’re welcome for him. Hopefully Smoak works out for us for years to come and Lee works out for Texas for the postseason run (and postseason).

  2. Txbaseballfan

    Thank you sir! It was a great feeling to able to finally catch one. Yeah, I wanted to get as many shots as I could not knowing if I’d be that close to him again. Smoak is a good player with a huge upside. If he’s given a shot he’ll be just fine. I am SO ready for the postseason!


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