Elation is an Understatement!

Even as I write this at 7:15 CST the morning after the Texas Rangers won the deciding game 5 in St. Petersburg to advance to the ALCS for the first time in franchise history, and after watching countless replays of the final out recorded by Elvis Andrus to insure the victory, and watching all of the post game interviews, even now I must admit that I’ve had to fight back a few tears.


What else can be said?

I just find it so hard to come up with the words I feel best describe what I’ve witnessed not just this postseason, but all season.

I’m not going to look back over the season and point out the highs and lows of what has become a very magical season (not yet anyway). No, right now I’m content with taking it all in, enjoying the moment as long as I can because who knows when I’ll have this chance again.

After attending game 3 of the ALDS this past Saturday I got my first taste of live playoff baseball, and man was it great. Even though they lost the game the feeling in the ballpark was amazingly intense. One could get used to that feeling really easily, but as the fans of the ’90s Rangers found out it can end just as easily.

11 years after their last postseason appearance I’m quite content with taking it one game at time.

And what a time it is to be a Texas (Rangers) Baseball Fan!



  1. ufbaseball15

    I’m keeping a mlb blog on here as well, and was wondering how do I post pictures within my blog like yours.


  2. Txbaseballfan

    SCOT —

    Thanks for stopping by! On the “Create Entry” page, just below the title bar you’ll see another bar from which you can choose the font and overall layout of the entry. Towards the right end of this bar you will see two boxes with green arrows in them (directly below the “Format” drill down menu. If you scroll the mouse over these they will tell you what they are. The green arrow box on the left is ” Insert Image” and the one on the right is “Insert File”, click on the insert image box and it will take you to another page where you can upload photos. Just follow the prompts. You will come to a point where you can size the photo you are uploading and you will just have to decide how you want it to fit into the entry (i.e.: most of the pics on my blog are 500(wide) x 300 tall). You have the option of choosing left, center, or right positioning of the pic. I usually choose left but that’s just me. Also, for detailed pics make sure that you check the box that allows you to create a thumbnail. By doing so it allows the pics to be “clickable” so your readers can click the pic to enlarge it.

    I know that’s a long explanation but I think that’s the best I can do. Let me know if you need anymore help.


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