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2 Games vs. Anaheim

I decided to change things up a bit for this entry. Instead of doing two separate entries and detailing each one, I decided to combine two games and share pictures from both.

The two games are Friday 9/18 and Saturday 9/19.

Friday I went to the game with my aunt Lori and daughter Sarah. It was fireworks night, so there was a lot of people there. It was also rally towel night. The towel is white and has the “T” logo with the words “Let’s Go Rangers” on it. Eh. It’s okay, I can see what they were trying to do, inspire the fans to get excited during the game.

Here’s a photo I took as we walked from the car to the stadium….

Anaheim_9_18_09 001.jpg
















The cool thing about that lot is, it’s normally $12, but on Fridays it’s $5. Sweet!

I had bought the tickets the day before on my lunch break and the best they could give me was behind homeplate in the upper deck. So while we were up there before the game, I took this picture of Lori and Sarah….

Anaheim_9_18_09 002.jpg















That’s Dallas Cowboys Stadium in the back ground.

You can see that Lori is holding a plastic bag. We had already hit the gift shop where she bought Sarah a Josh Hamilton bracelet, and herself and I a Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez red t-shirt.

Here’s some other photos I took of the Cowboys’ stadium….
















(Remember: You can click on any picture to get a closer look.)

In the above photo do you notice the red arrows? Those are pointing to a video screen. For those that may not know, there is a video board in the Cowboys stadium that goes from one 20 yard line to the other. That’s 60 yards long! That board that the arrows are pointing to is on the end of that big board. As big as that one seems, it’s considerably smaller than the main one.

Here’s more….

Anaheim_9_18_09 008.jpg
Anaheim_9_18_09 009.jpg








I know those last two photos are blurry, but I really wanted to show them because I like the way the light shines through the glass on the sides.

And here’s one from our seats….

Anaheim_9_18_09 007.jpg
















The vibe in the stadium was really cool, especially when the rally towels were flying. I tried to get an action shot of the towels, but my camera wouldn’t allow it. 

As for the game it was fun, even though the Rangers lost 2-0. They got 0 runs on 8 hits, while the Angels got 2 runs on 6 hits, bringing the losing streak to five and putting the Rangers 7-1/2  games back in the west.

That’s not going to work fellas.

The fireworks were cool, though the loss still stung.

Game 1

Time of game: 2 hrs.  57 mins.

Attendance: 34,240

On to Saturday…

Saturday’s game was preceded by a pre-game concert by MercyMe, a contemporary christian group.

So that meant two things, (1) there would be a LOT of people at the game, and (2) would there be batting practice? We didn’t think so, but if there was BP, it would go on during the concert (more on that later).

I went to this game with Sarah (my daughter), my friend Shawn from the Houston trip, and his wife Amy and daughter Abby.

We walked in the homeplate gate, went around to right field. When we got there, we went down to the railing and stayed there because there was indeed batting practice!

Here’s a shot of some guys right in front of us….

Anaheim_9_19_09 001.jpg
















On the left, reliever Jason Grilli. Light blue shirt, pitching coach Mike Maddux. #61, rookie catcher Kevin Richardson.

Mike Maddux is a stud. He has been my favorite offseason acquisition by far.

I was a little out my element being in right field. 99% of the time, I’m in left., but after being in the shade in right field today I might have to change my strategy.

After about 10 minutes or so, Hank Blalock lifted one in our direction, that I got a late jump on. It hit about 2 rows behind me to my left and Shawn beat me to it. Oh well, I was happy for him because he gave it to his daughter (I would have done the same).

There were quite a few balls that rolled to the wall in front of us, that I kept trying to get Grilli to toss up, but to no avail. I guess he thought the teenaged boys on my left were better recipients than my 10 year old daughter. I don’t sound smug do I? Totally unintentional.

One ball in particular I thought for sure was mine, but Grilli kept it in his hand and later on gave it to one of those same boys. In the meantime, Shawn had told me that I just missed a ball falling into the gap just five or six feet to my left. By the time I realized where it was, someone else was all over it.

When 4:00 rolled around, the concert was about to start and Sarah knew it. She proceded to tell me that the concert was the only reason she came back today. This was after I said that I wanted to stay for BP. Well, needless to say, she won that round so it was off to the concert we went.

I wanted to head up to the upper deck and take a look at how many people were already over there. The upper deck has an open air concourse that has some pretty cool views. It’s a good thing I looked before we went over there, because this is what we saw….

Anaheim_9_19_09 004.jpg
















And the band was just taking the stage.

So, we watched and listened from up there which (thankfully) was fine with Sarah. Here’s as close as I could zoom with my camera….

Anaheim_9_19_09 006.jpg
















For perspective, this is a view of the field from where we watched the concert….

Anaheim_9_19_09 010.jpg
















If you look closely at the last photo, you’ll notice how open the stands are for BP (and also why I am going to be in right field from now on!). I had to keep myself from looking down at all the balls hitting empty seats. Sarah was happy, and that was good enough for me.

For all of you football/stadium fans, here’s some more photos of the Cowboy’s stadium….

Anaheim_9_19_09 012.jpg

Anaheim_9_19_09 013.jpg








If you click on the one on the right, you’ll see a Dr. Pepper sign about halfway up the photo. That is the party deck. You can pay $29 and stand up while watching the game. I say “you” because I will not be doing that.

Here’s some shots from our seats….

Anaheim_9_19_09 015.jpg

Anaheim_9_19_09 016.jpg







As you see can, it was packed!

The Rangers won this game 3-2, giving Scott Feldman his 17th win of the season. Frank Francisco picked up his 23rd save after loading the bases in the ninth.

Game 2

Time of game: 2 hrs. 31 mins.

Attendance: 46,596

Next game: Sunday 9/27 vs. the Rays

Here’s a couple photos I took after the game, when the stadium was almost empty….

Anaheim_9_19_09 019.jpg















Anaheim_9_19_09 020.jpg