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A Turn For The Better

I know this is getting to be old news, but MLB umpire Jim Joyce is back in the news today.


















Last week, after his perfect game-blowing call in Detroit, he granted an interivew to a Detroit newspaper that has given some more insight to an already humbled man’s life.

I don’t know where you stand on this issue. I don’t know you if you care one way or the other if MLB changed the ruling on this call or not.

As for me, I’m human. I make mistakes, and there’s nothing that anybody can say to me that I wouldn’t have already said to myself. I’m my own worst critic. When another person owns up to their mistake I take notice. Not too many people are willing to admit when they screw something up, especially as quickly as Mr. Joyce did. That takes guts, or cajones, or whatever other word you may want to insert there.

He “man-ed up”. Plain and simple.

I want to post the link to this newspaper’s article because I feel it’s worth sharing. I found it on the Big League Stew page on yahoo sports MLB section and I’m pretty sure that not everyone reads that (not that you’re reading this either!)

So, without anymore rambling here it is.


What do you think about this?

There’s been some interesting stories in the world of baseball in recent weeks, some of which I would have liked to comment on one way or another, but there is one that sparked my interest above the rest.

Umpire Joe West.

Here’s a screenshot of the article Yahoo has on him today….










The article is pretty good in my opinion, of course it’s technically just an opinion in itself. The work of Yahoo national sports writer Jeff Passan.

If you don’t know the whole story, you need to read this article which you can do by clicking here.

I agree with Passan’s stance that umpires should be invisible, but I would add a caveat that there does a come a time when an umpire’s presence is required. At that time, I have no problem whatsoever with him taking over a situation. Whether it’s warning pitchers and benches after a little round of “beanball”, or reviewing video to figure out if a hit is a home run or not, there are going to be times when all attention is on an umpire and even the entire crew, but it’s when an umpire calls attention to himself at inopportune times that’s the issue here.

Leave the spotlight stealing for your stage act Mr. Cowboy Joe, and get to the business at hand.

Being seen and not heard.

Agree, diagree, let me know.